5 Things To Do In Combination With Natural Sleep Aids To Get Your Kids To Sleep


If your children have trouble sleeping at night, it can be a frustrating experience for your whole family. From difficulty waking up your children come morning to less alone time in the evening, looking for ways to help your children fall asleep is a necessity. Along with giving your children natural sleep aids for children that are safe for them to take, consider some of the following ideas.

1. Get Creative with Exercising In-Between Dinner and Bedtime

Regardless of the age of your children, there is no reason not to encourage them to exercise. Even dancing for 15 minutes can help wear out your young children and get them exhausted enough to crawl in bed. Some ideas for exercising you can do as a family include roller blading, swimming, playing catch, and biking. Ask your children about what kind of exercising they would like to do so that everyone can enjoy the experience.

2. Make Some White Noise

A common reason why your children may be having trouble falling asleep is noises throughout the night, such as the air conditioner clicking on or a pet moving around the house. To help combat these startling noises, introduce some white noise in the form of a fan, light music, or a white noise machine.

3. Give Your Kids a Comfortable Bed

While your children are constantly growing, this is no excuse to skimp on the quality of their mattress. Choosing a bed that is larger than them and will continue being a good fit as they age is essential since it will allow you to spend more on a quality mattress. Consider getting a memory foam mattress and high thread-count sheets so that your children can feel comfortable as they lie in bed and fall asleep faster as a result.

4. Introduce Snacks that Make You Sleepy

If your children tend to get hungry as it gets later, they may want a snack before getting in bed. When choosing foods, however, it is vital that you pick snacks that will help them get sleepy instead of giving them more energy. Some good ideas for easy-to-prepare snacks with sleep-enhancing effects include walnuts, cherry juice, cereal, and honey.

5. Drink Herbal Tea with Your Kids

Along with giving your children food that can help them get tired, you can also try to introduce them to sleepy time tea. Not only are there plenty of flavors that they will love, many of these teas include sleep-soothing ingredients such as chamomile.

Helping your children feel sleepy at night is easy if you consider their daily nightly routine. By wearing them out before bed with exercise and making a few improvements listed above, your children should be able to fall asleep right after their bedtime. 


9 December 2015

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