Five Tips For Handling Resistance In The Morning Routine


Getting your child ready for daycare in the morning while also getting ready for work can be challenging, but it's made even worse if your child is resistant. Here are five tips to help you handle this:

  1. Show the Consequences of Procrastination: Don't be worried if your child skips breakfast. Just let your child's daycare provider know so that it can be made up for later in the day. It's better to teach your child the consequences of procrastination rather than trying to fight them in the morning. Send your child to daycare without breakfast. Sure, they'll be crappy, but chances are, they won't want that to happen again. 
  2. Create a Morning Chart: Creating a morning chart with your child is a great way to get them involved in the routine. If your child check-marks all the boxes before heading out the door, you can even reward them with a special morning treat, such as their favorite cereal bar or chocolate milk. Get your child involved in the process of making and decorating the chart and you can explain the importance of each step of the morning routine while doing this. 
  3. Use an Alarm Clock: Try to focus on getting ready yourself while teaching your child some independence. Get your child an alarm clock that will wake them up and let them know that they should be up and dressed at a certain time. 
  4. Plan Ahead the Night Before: To help exert independence, even more, put together your child's outfit and set it out somewhere in the room the night before. You can even do this with breakfast. Have it set out on the counter for your child to set for themselves. Of course, you can prepare whatever they cannot. 
  5. Show Appreciation: Finally, be sure that you show appreciation for their participation in the morning routine. On really good days, offer a small reward or treat, as well as a way to show that you are happy with your child. You can even offer some words of praise to the daycare provider for your child to overhear. Children like to see that you are proud enough to talk about it with others too. 

With these five tips, a morning routine is much easier to establish, and it sets the tone for a good day ahead, so your child is more likely to walk into daycare with a good attitude. Contact a company like Kidstown Drop-In Child Care Center for more information and assistance. 


28 November 2017

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