Ways Your Autistic Child May Benefit From ABA Therapy


While ABA therapy, or applied behavioral analysis therapy, is often used in the treatment of dementia, borderline personality disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, it is often referred to as the "gold standard" when it comes to treating autism. It can help improve social skills and may also help your child communicate better. An ABA therapy services provider uses positive reinforcement strategies to help your child to improve his or her learning and coping skills. Here are some ways applied behavioral analysis therapy might benefit your autistic child.

Correct Negative Behaviors

If your child displays negative behaviors such as tantrums, aggression, or vocal outbursts, ABA therapy may help reduce the incidences by teaching the autistic child to be patient, sit quietly, and ask for things respectfully and politely.

The ABA therapist can teach your child how to complete both complex and simple life skills by using the reward system. For example, your child will learn that his or her positive behavior will result in a reward. If the child cleans up his or her room, independently gets dressed, helps with pet care, or completes homework assignments in a timely manner, rewards tailored to the child's preferences will be given.

Some children who have autism are motivated by toys, favorite foods, gold stars, or being able to stay up a little longer at night, while others are profoundly motivated by hugs and compliments from their loved ones.  

Richer Friendships

Children with autism sometimes face challenges when they are trying to make friends. Social skills are needed to forge the bonds of friendship, which many children who are on the autism spectrum lack.

ABA therapy teaches autistic children desirable social skills so that they can connect with both other children on the spectrum and those without autism. ABA therapy also teaches autistic children effective coping skills, which are also essential in order to make friends.

Children without autism may bond more when autistic children exhibit good coping and social skills such as sharing their toys, not shouting out, or not showing aggression toward others. 

ABA therapy is a very effective and safe treatment option, which usually results in a favorable outcome. To learn more about how applied behavioral analysis therapy can help your autistic child, contact an ABA therapy service like the Behavior Change Institute. Professionals at the therapy clinic will explain how ABA therapy can help your child live a more productive, happier life. 


23 September 2019

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