How To Return To Work And Daycare Easily


Are you finally ready to return to the office after months of working from home? Whether your child was in daycare before your work-from-home days or this is their first time in toddler child care, take a look at the top ways to make this transition easy for everyone.

Take Small Steps

The constant togetherness the two of you have experienced in the past few months is a time you'll always treasure. But now that you're returning to work and your toddler will finally get the chance to socialize, learn, and explore new activities at their child care center, it's time to separate for at least a few hours during the day.

It's common for young children to find sudden separations a challenge. Ease your child into this new stage of life with small steps. Start before your first day of work, and leave your toddler with a spouse, sitter, or other responsible adult for a short time. Go for a walk, take a relaxing drive by yourself, or visit a family member to create a temporary separation.

Gradually extend the time you spend away from your toddler to ease the transition back into work life. When you're ready to go back to work, your child may feel more comfortable with the separation.

Create a Special Routine

Now that your child feels more comfortable with the idea of separation, it's time to go to daycare. If your toddler still has some sense of anxiety about the transition, create a special routine the two of you can enjoy before you leave for work.

This routine can include anything from a hug and a kiss to a creative handshake or special song. Plan ahead and decide on a goodbye routine before the first day. Ask the child care center staff if you can come into the center at drop-off time or if the parking lot or door is the farthest you can go. If you can't enter the building, make sure your routine is parking lot-friendly.

Along with a drop-off time routine, you can also create your own pick-up tradition. Remind your child about this second routine to give them something to look forward to later on in their day.

Role Play the Big Day

Does your toddler know or remember what happens during their day? If not, role play a scene from the child care center. This strategy familiarizes the young child with what to expect from daycare services. Trade roles as the teacher and the student or bring in stuffed animals to play your child's new school day friends.

For more information, contact a local daycare center.


23 October 2020

Exploring The Various Childcare Options Available Today

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