3 Child Care Trends That You Should Know About


Childcare has been evolving over the years. After all, there was a time you had limited options when looking for someone to help with the children if you wanted to return to work. In addition, hiring a nanny is costly because of state laws and requirements. As a result, many parents have opted to stay home and raise their children until they are old enough to attend school. Fortunately, other childcare options are increasingly available and affordable for busy parents.

15 December 2022

Child Adoption: 3 Benefits Of Using An Adoption Agency Versus Independent Adoption


As a potential adoptive parent, you can use an adoption agency or conduct independent adoption when adopting a child.  Some people prefer independent adoptions because there will be no need to hire an adoption agency. But, hiring an adoption agency makes the adoption process much easier than going about it independently. Here are three reasons to hire an adoption agency instead of trying independent adoption.  1. Avoid Breaking the Law

25 July 2022

Preschool Is More Than Learning The ABCs


According to the Current Population Survey, the percentage of 3 and 4-year old children enrolled in preschool fell 14 points in 2020, down from 54 percent in 2019. But just because attendance naturally dropped during the height of the pandemic doesn't mean preschool isn't extremely important to a child's future success. Here's a look at a few non-academic advantages of sending your child to preschool.  Your Child Learns Routine If your child has stayed home with you for the first three years of life, they may have had a fairly unstructured day.

21 March 2022